Foundation Repair in West Bloomfield, Michigan


Foundation Repair

Home-Aide Renovating and Repair, the foundation repair experts in West Bloomfield, Michigan, can help solve your foundation problems. We have decades of experience with foundation repair and are a licensed and insured builder. If you foundation has cracks, bulging walls, or is settling call us today for a free evaluation and stop further damage to your home or business.


Cracks and bulges in your walls are caused by foundation settling or movement. We can quickly determine what solution will best remedy your foundation issue. We have many proven techniques to strengthen your foundation. If the problem is not addressed your foundation may continue to settle and cause further damage to your home.


At Home-Aide Renovating & Repair, we take pride in finding a custom solution to your foundation problems. We care about making your home safe and looking great. We offer a lifetime, transferable warranty on our foundation repair projects.


Foundation repair services


If you have bulging or cracked walls, a sagging foundation, or an unleveled foundation and are searching for an experienced foundation repair contractor in West Bloomfield, Michigan call Home-Aide Renovating & Repair at (248) 363-7765 for a free estimate.