Basement Waterproofing in West Bloomfield, Michigan


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Home-Aide Renovating & Repair is a full service basement waterproofing contractor offering both interior and exterior waterproofing services. We will diagnose your basement water problem and recommend the proper solution.


There are different approaches to basement waterproofing depending on your individual situation. In some cases exterior waterproofing is the only way to fix the problem rather than just the symptoms. Interior waterproofing may be required because of the way you home is constructed or due to the source of the water. We will help you make the best possible decision for your use of the basement space and the cost of the different methods.


We provide a lifetime, transferable warranty on all our basement waterproofing projects. We will also make sure that your gutters, downspouts, drainage, and grading are not causing problems.


Water can enter your basement from a couple of different sources. It can seep in through the walls, the seam where the floor meets the wall, up through the floor, and from window wells. We will advise the best waterproofing method to keep your basement dry. The following situations may require basement waterproofing:


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